Sunday, 14 April 2013

Matt George tells Money Choice Clients Keys to Long Term Property Holding

Buy before the growth and hold with Matt George of Money Choice!

Why wait until house and property prices are already rising? 70% of capital growth happens every two to three years of every decade, so now is a better time than ever to buy. While experts can’t accurately pick when the growth will occur, all it needs is to be in the market for a decade.
Let Matt George of Money Choice get you as close as possible to the upswing. According to Matt, there are many keys to long term property holdings, of which some are mentioned below:
·         Sufficient buffer
  • ·         Tax variation
  • ·         Depreciation schedules
  • ·         Regular rent reviews
  • ·         Landlord insurance
  • ·         Diversified portfolio
  • ·         Revalue every 12 months
  • ·         Maximise available funds

Long-term gains are taxed at a special lower rate on property that is held more than one year. It is recommended that you don’t sell your investments exactly one year after you bought them, or you may end up with short-term gain, and not long-term.
For more information on what long term property holding means to you, speak with Matt George of Money Choice today.

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